Do you have racing thoughts and feel like you can’t keep up? Take a break. A stressed mind is not your best bet to being focused, engaged and productive. Studies show that stress actually shrinks the brain. The brain needs breaks to function properly.


A study in the Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology found that employees who had designated breaks in the day reduced their stress. It also had a positive impact on blood pressure and sleep quality.


There are many ways to take a break, sometimes 3-5 minutes can go a long way.

Here are some ways to take a small breather from your work and put your mind on something else that will calm and make you happier.


  • Surf the web for some zen and happiness if you have access at work. One of my favorites is


  • Talk a small walk or just stand and stretch yourself out a little. It could be to the water cooler, kitchen or to another floor. Just a 5 minute can resettle your anxious thoughts and help calm you. In addition it’s great for your eyes to get a little rest too.

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