In this episode, I talk with Katie Dalebout, who is a writer, host, and wellness and creativity cheerleader in New York City. In 2013 she started the then wellness-focused podcast Let It Out, which has now molded into a modern long-form interview show covering everything from to creativity to relationships. Her first book published with Hay House in 2016, Let It Out: A Journey Through Journaling is a collection of personal essays and journaling prompts. She’s spoken at Wanderlust, Soho House, The Wing, and The Good Fest about independent podcasting and creative writing.


What I love about talking to Katie is how authentic and wise she is. She has some amazing nuggets of wisdom to share like: 

  1. How journaling helps us heal and connect to our real selves
  2. A journaling exercise that will help you improve your body image
  3. How your intuition is your best guide


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Tune in and listen to these take-aways you don’t want to miss:

  • [1:09] How and why Katie started journaling even though she never considered herself a writer
  • [3:17] What really made Katie stumble into the world of self-help and eventually journaling
  • [5:34] What Katie realized about the world of self-help that wasn’t really helping her
  • [7:10] The biggest benefit journaling gives Katie
  • [12:52] How Katie has changed her relationship with food
  • [19:43] Katie’s journaling exercise to help improve your body image
  • [23:50] What Katie does when journaling gets too raw and painful
  • [26:46] What Katie wants to know more about
  • [28:30] How Katie uses her intuition and why she trusts it more than anything in the world


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