In this episode I talk with Sandra Scheinbaum, who founded the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. A clinical psychologist for over 35 years, she is an expert in overcoming panic and anxiety without medications, and the author of Functional Medicine Coaching, Stop Panic Attacks in 10 Easy Steps, and How to Give Clients the Skills to Stop Panic Attacks. We dive into: 1.     What anxiety really is and the difference between anxiety and panic attacks 2.     When you should seek professional help for anxiety 3.     Sandra’s top tips to reducing any kind of anxiety including food anxiety

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Tune in and listen to these take-aways you don’t want to miss: 
  • [2:12] Why we all have anxiety
  • [4:15] What reactions go on in the body when you are anxious
  • [7:33] What a panic attach looks like
  • [8:56] When you need to seek professional help for your anxiety
  • [11:00] What you need to do to reduce your anxiety without medication
  • [15:10] The key question you need to ask yourself when you feel anxious
  • [18:50] What you can do right now to reduce your anxiety
  • [23:15] How a perfectionist and worrywart can reduce anxiety
  • [27:00] How to reduce food anxiety
  • [35:15] Sandra’s #1 piece of advice for reducing anxiety
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