We’re talking about how yoga and meditation can help you in so many ways in today’s episode. Whether you are feeling stuck, unhappy or angry with yourself or others listen to this conversation with Bee Bosnak.


Bee Bosnak is a New York City based yoga teacher, meditation guide and a spiritual leader. She is the creator of Heal Yourself Method and has been studying yoga, meditation and the human condition for the past decade and continues to study philosophical and spiritual aspects of the practice from various disciplines. Bee teaches a vast variety of yoga and meditation classes throughout New York City, as well as leading her heartfelt signature method Heal Yourself Yoga & Meditation workshops, immersions and retreats worldwide.



Bee has a ton of great advice. More specifically she gets real about:


  1. her own journey of how yoga and meditation helped her break free from a job and relationship that weren’t right for her
  2. how yoga helps her be authentic and show up as her real self without having to try
  3. how yoga and meditation helped her heal and handle her emotions
  4. a meditation technique that blew me away


Tune into this conversation to learn from Bee’s incredible advice.


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Resources Mentioned:

Women’s Healing Immersion:

NYC June 14-16

Heal Yourself Retreats:

Sicily, Italy July 27-Aug 2

Mykonos, Greece Oct 8-13


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