The month of April is stress awareness month which is why I’m excited to have Dr. Heidi Hanna as a guest. She is the Chief Energy Officer of Synergy Brain Fitness, a company providing brain-based health and performance programs to individuals and organizations, the Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board for the American Institute of Stress, and a Founding Partner of the Academy for Brain Health and Performance. She is a NY Times bestselling author of several books, including The Sharp Solution, Stressaholic, and Recharge. Heidi is also a Certified Humor Professional with the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor although she won’t admit she’s funny.


Dr. Hanna shares some incredible gems about mastering stress. More specifically she talks about:

1. what BFF is and how it helps us reduce stress

2. the five Ms (Heidi’s high five) of mastering stress that anybody can do

3. how Heidi’s special sauce can help anyone create consistency and make destressing techniques a lasting habit


This is a game-changing conversation you don’t want to miss!


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Resources Mentioned:

Heidi’s website
Heidi’s 2020 initiative COMING SOON

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