Our gut has an impact on our health and especially our mental health and I have the perfect guest to talk about it – Victoria Albina.

Victoria Albina, NP, MPH is a licensed and nationally board certified Functional Medicine Family Nurse Practitioner, herbalist, cognitive behavioral life coach and host of the podcast “Feminist Wellness.” Victoria has a passion for supporting women with digestion and mental health concerns, fatigue, hypothyroid & autoimmunity.

Victoria shares some incredible gems about our gut health AND mental health. (Her advice was also a great reminder for me!)

More specifically she talks about:

  1. How our gut health affects our brain health
  2. Her top tips for healing the gut and improving our mental health (this will surprise you!)
  3. How her intuition helped her heal her gut and more

This is a game-changing conversation you don’t want to miss!


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Resources Mentioned:

Victoria’s ebook

Victoria’s podcast

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