Get your pen and paper ready because this episode is jam-packed with tips and tricks from a pro chef to make your kitchen a place you love to be in.


I got the chance to interview Chef James Barry, who has extensive experience as a private chef, cooking for a who’s-who in Hollywood. He started Wholesome2Go, a healthy, high-quality food delivery company that serves the Los Angeles area. He currently consults, writes cookbooks, and runs the website, He is a graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC and a healing food specialist. James co-authored the recipes in Margaret Floyd’s book Eat Naked and co-authored the follow-up cookbook The Naked Foods Cookbook.


Just a few of the highlights Chef James covers:


  1. What you absolutely must have and do to have a healthy kitchen
  2. Quick and healthy recipes that will make your mouth water
  3. Simple ways to make grocery shopping and cooking a breeze


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Tune in and listen to thesetakeawayss you don’t want to miss:


  • [2:16] The very tools you need to cook easy, quick meals
  • [4:11] The very first thing you need to do to have a kitchen that you love
  • [5:36] One of the biggest mistakes we make when choosing healthy snacks for our kitchen
  • [8:51] The #1 thing that gets overlooked to having a hygienic kitchen – this grossed me out!
  • [15:40] Why you need to understand what exactly is in your food and what it gets exposed to now more than ever
  • [17:30] How to make grocery shopping easier
  • [19:32] The best places to shop for healthy food and especially fresh produce
  • [22:30] Chef James’ advice on how to make grocery shopping work for your budget
  • [26:21] Chef James’ #1 piece of advice on how to control emotional eating
  • [28:26] Chef James’ quick, mouthwatering meal that works for the whole family
  • [33:55] How to get your kids to eat more veggies
  • [35:48] A healthy gluten-free fried chicken
  • [38:19] What’s next for Chef James in the kitchen
  • [43:18] Another must-have tool that’s like a personal assistant in the kitchen
  • [45:43] How Chef James’s intuition helps him in the kitchen
  • [48:33] Chef James’ secret weapon to making dishes pop with flavor
  • [50:43] Chef James’ #1 piece of advice to having a kitchen you love cooking in


Resources Mentioned:

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Chef James’ cookbook

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