In this episode I talk with Nick Pineault, an investigative health journalist, educator and advocate for safe technologies and author of The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs. We go in deep on:

  1. What EMFs are
  2. How EMFs are affecting our health like our energy, sleep and much, much more
  3. How to protect ourselves

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Tune in and listen to these take-aways you don’t want to miss: 

  • [1:44] What EMFs are
  • [3:23] The difference between natural EMFs and unnatural ones
  • [4:58] How EMFs can be linked to cancer
  • [6:28] What EMFs are doing to your body
  • [9:46] How EMFs are influencing your hormones
  • [15:54] Why you need to take EMFs seriously if your health is already compromised
  • [22:31] The startling findings of a French smartphone study
  • [25:40] The best ways to protect yourself from EMFs
  • [31:03] What you can do about EMFs on a larger scale
  • [34:16] How Nick, as a type-a person, used his intuition to unblock his creativity

Resources Mentioned:

  1. Safe Sleeve
  1. Environmental Health Trust 
  1. BONUS GUIDE: 3 Ways To Use Your Phone Without Zapping Your Health

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