In this episode I talk with Laura Vanderkam, the author of several time management books, including the new Off the Clock: Feel Less Busy While Getting More Done. She is the co-host, with Sarah Hart Unger, of the podcast Best of Both Worlds, and blogs at

What I love about Laura is that she has a fresh take on time management. This interview is not a long list of time hacks to shave minutes or even seconds out of your day. Instead Laura shares valuable and effective advice on time management from her latest book like:

  1. Why lingering and savoring the moment is so important for managing your time
  2. Practical and fun ways to make the most out of your time
  3. If anything the number one thing you really need to do to manage your time better above all else (it’s not what you’ve often been told)


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Tune in and listen to these take-aways you don’t want to miss: 

  • [2:12] Why Laura’s newest book Off The Clock is not about time hacks
  • [7:14] One of Laura’s favorite ways to savor moments
  • [8:08] Laura’s top tip for making life more memorable
  • [9:45] How Laura makes life more memorable with her children
  • [11:18] What a maximizer is and how being one impacts your happiness
  • [13:50] What a maximizer can do to improve their time management and happiness
  • [18:07] What Laura wants to research next regarding time management
  • [18:34] Laura ‘s surprising findings that contradict our perception of time
  • [20:56] How Laura uses her intuition to make better decisions and as a result use her time better
  • [22:39] Laura’s #1 piece of advice for managing your time better

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