If you’re dealing with hormonal imbalances, stress and crazy (sugar) cravings this is the episode for you! I’m talking with Dr. Mariza Snyder who is a functional practitioner and the author of six books: the bestselling The Smart Mom’s Guide to Essential Oils and The DASH Diet Cookbook.


Dr. Mariza has been featured in a number of media outlets like Fox News, MindBodyGreen, Dr. Oz, and in Women’s Health. Dr. Mariza is also the host of the Essentially You Podcast, designed to empower women to become the CEO of their health.

We go into:

  1. How Mariza’s own wake-up call led her to an amazing discovery


  1. Really simple ways to curb your cravings, boost your energy and reduce stress


  1. The power of using your intuition to make healthier choices


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Tune in and listen to these take-aways you don’t want to miss:


  • [3:47] Mariza’s own wake-up call to get her health back on track
  • [7:13] The biggest thing Mariza needed to do for her health
  • [8:12] What Mariza did to boost her immune system so that she didn’t get sick for 3 and a half years
  • [11:56] Mariza’s best tips to curb the worst of your cravings
  • [16:48] Mariza’s secret weapon to boost your energy no matter where you are
  • [18:28] Mariza’s favorite way to reduce any kind of stress
  • [20:02] The next big thing Mariza is looking into and so should you
  • [23:34] How Mariza uses her intuition to make healthier choices


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