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It’s all about uncompromising self-care.

Feeling frazzled, exhausted or like a robot going through the motions? I’ve been there! After flying through two Master’s degrees in business, an international career Energizer Rabbit style, and then finally collapsing from exhaustion, I turned my health and life around to a glowing version of myself (or so I’ve been told by a former director of mine) and went back to school to become a  certified health coach. 

More Energy Than You Thought Possible

Since becoming a coach, I’ve written a book — Recharge: Find Joy, Boost Your Energy, Take Charge of Your Health — and now spend my time helping others and speaking at organizations to help people learn the do’s and don’ts of how to optimize their health to get some real energy (not from a cup — or three — of caffeine) and have a little bit more pep in their step. I promise it’s totally doable to kick the caffeine habit and still have loads of energy, I’m living proof.

What Others Have to Say

Clients ranging from start-ups to the Fortune 500 say my presentations are real, engaging with just the right dose of inspiring, simple and very doable action steps to make a difference. I get a deep satisfaction down to my bones connecting with clients and helping them make changes towards a new and better reality. I don’t give up and I don’t give up on others. 

Clients/organizations I’ve worked with include: AIG, IBM, Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, Colgate, Estée Lauder, Oracle, HBA (Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association), Women in Wireless, SHRM, ATD, NYU, Columbia Business School Alumni Club, Baruch College, Equinox and more.

“In these times, focusing on your team's mental health is more important than ever. Kirsi’s health and wellness webinar on stress management was simply incredible. Her tips and supporting takeaways were clear and her delivery was on-point and inspirational.” ​
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Louise Peddell
VP of Human Resources, Undertone

Sharing My Passion and My Voice

When I’m not speaking or working on other projects, I also contribute to HuffPost and Thrive Global on healthy living. (How could I say no to Arianna Huffington when asked to contribute to her publications?) I’m also a health expert member of Dr. Oz’s Sharecare community of top-ranking health experts. And I’ve been featured in Money Magazine.


I Want to Make This Planet a Better Place

I live in NYC with an exceptionally understanding husband and a little furball who loves to dance as much as I do. I even taught her how to dance on command. If I’m not dancing with my dog, you’ll find me with my nose in a book (I’m a total book nerd), out in nature, drinking celery juice, whipping up a delicious plant-based dish that is as good or even better than a meat based one (I’d love to have you try it out for yourself) or knitting a scarf. Knitting is my newfound form of meditation. I love Purl Soho’s no purl ribbed scarf pattern.

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