Hi, I'm Kirsi.

I’m a health and wellness

author (I wrote a book Recharge: Find Joy, Boost Your Energy, Take Charge of Your Health based on my own story of collapsing from exhaustion)

contributor (Arianna Huffington asked me to contribute first to Huff Post and later to Thrive Global. I was also asked to become part of Dr. Oz’s Sharecare community of top-ranking health experts)

speaker (I’ve worked with a range of organizations from start-ups to the Fortune 50 like IBM, AIG and more. Read what they have to say here)

The topic nearest and dearest to my heart is self-care. It’s something we do not do enough of and I’ve been there.

I used to work the 9 to 5 and juggled everything in between until I collapsed from exhaustion.

I wasn’t taking care of myself. I

  • Felt like a robot just going through the motions
  • Would wake up groggy and depressed
  • Wasn’t thinking about what worked for me and my body
  • Wasn’t true to who I was deep down in my soul


I want to help you find out what works for YOU and your health and wellbeing.  


BECAUSE you know there is no one size fits all formula to your health.

I realized there was so much more to being healthy than just what exercise and food could do alone.  I had to really take a good hard look at what was affecting my health and wellbeing like my thoughts and emotions, my relationships and spirituality.

I turned my whole life around. A few years later I ran into a former director of mine. The first thing he said to me was “Kirsi, you are glowing!”

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Random facts about me:

  1. I love, love, love nature. There’s nothing like spending time outdoors breathing fresh, pristine air.
  1. Biology was hands down my favorite class in high school – especially human anatomy and genes. I dreamed about becoming a biologist.
  1. Celery juice over coffee. Can’t live without it!
  1. What makes me smile? My little 12-pound dog’s happy dance. She does it A LOT.
  1. It took me years but I managed to get over my crazy, I-have-to-have-sugar-NOW cravings. I rarely eat any processed, white sugar today. I can say for sure it’s possible to get over your sugar cravings.
  1. I’m a bookworm. My favorite topics are memoirs and surprise surprise health and wellness. My favorite right now is Cleanse to Heal.
  1. I met my husband at a Whole Foods cooking class. I came to learn about cooking Indian food. He came to eat the food.